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Bunker15’s smart-tech Publicity Engine helps find the right journalists to promote your film (VOD or Theatrical). Even VOD releases can earn Press. Every film deserves to find its audience. Whether you have a small film with a limited theatrical release or you have a Straight-to-VOD feature, they can reach out to the journalists that are interested in your story.


We are founded by Computer Science Engineers that have created proprietary algorithms for online marketing, social media promotion, and audience targeting. Our technology is optimized for each platform and specialized depending on genre, message and target audience.

Bunker 15 utilizes high-leverage methods of promotion on Social Media and through online communities. Our online platform puts films in front of the audiences that care the most about your subjects. You are passionate about your films and your audience will be passionate as well. Putting your film in front of that audience is the work of our technology team and our smart algorithms designed to engage and create curiosity in people about you and your content.


Marketing & PR

Bunker 15 Films offers innovative media planning, editorial support, social media advisement, and automated promotional engineering to help your film reach top critics and influencers. Through the marketing capabilities at our disposal we have secured in-depth interviews with the cast and crew of our pictures in global publications from Australia to Abu Dhabi and helped a film gain the title of “VOD Pick of the Week” in the Los Angeles Times.

Whether we are promoting theatrical release, festival achievements, or VOD debuts, Bunker 15 works in direct collaboration with filmmakers to ensure their film can reach maximum exposure.

Making Movies Without Losing Money

This book is about the practical realities of the film market today and how to make a film while minimizing financial risk. Film is a risky investment and securing that investment is a huge challenge. The best way to get investors is to do everything possible to make the film without losing money.

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In the film industry, we are a unique blend of Entertainment experience and Technology. The future is online. The future is streaming and VOD.

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